Cross Generational Q's

Updated: Mar 12, 2019

The following piece asks a set of questions to ladies of two different generations. The aim is to compare the differences in the answers, but to also note the similarities. We have so much we can learn from each other! In this edition, we have a grandmother & granddaughter reflecting on the same 9 questions.


Who’s your best friend?

Kim: My sisters. Denise is nurturing, Sandi gives great advice and is comic relief, and Karin is a real motivator. Not just one person; it’s all of them rolled together.

Laila: Finley. We met on the bus and in class. I like him because he is nice. He has an iPad. He also has an eye patch.

What are you afraid of?

K: Sickness.

L: Spiders.

What was the biggest change in your life during the past year?

K: That all my kids are happy. All my kids seem happier than ever.

L: This year, I stopped having growing pains. Growing pains are really really bad. I had them in my ankles.

What do you think your life will be like ten years from now?

K: I hope to travel, I hope to be playing. I hope to be hiking, gardening, seeing my grandkids, and just playing.

L: Playing video games all day, drinking soda, and eating pizza.

What was your life like at 7/what do you think your life will be like when you are 62?

K: I had a lot of sisters. I played in the park all of the time. My mother would kick us out the door in the morning, we’d be home for lunch, home for dinner, home for bed.

L: Hard? I imagine having time and moving a box so I can move into my new house.

What makes you happiest?

K: My family.

L: Leggos.

What makes you sad?

K: Conflict.

L Leggos that break.

What was/is your favorite thing about your mom?

K: She was really selfless. She worked really hard to make sure that we had a great life.

L: She got us a Wii.

What’s your favorite thing about your granddaughter/grandma?

K: It’s her spirit. There is no pretense about her. She is honest and she doesn’t care what anyone thinks about her. She puts herself out there as herself. She’s hard to explain.

L: She’s fun. She buys us toys. And she lets us have dance parties.

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