The Bridge Issue No. 2

The Bridge Issue No. 2


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A crash course for those just joining us: The Bridge was inspired by the intergenerational relationships between the women in my family and my goal is to replicate that relationship here for the women who aren’t so lucky to live in a matriarchy. We provide the space for women to share their perspectives, the same way the comfy couch at your grandma’s house facilitates amazing post-Thanksgiving discussions about the first time you got your period. We know women have wisdom: all we do is offer a platform to share it.


Issue No. 2 features 19 original articles written by everyday women. In this issue, we cover menopause, shame spirals, making vegetables less disgusting, managing grief, skincare routines, what it's like to be a funeral director, growing up as a white-passing Latina and so much more. 


The 6x9 perfect bound book includes 90 pages and we think you'll enjoy every last one. 


25% of all proceeds go to Girls Inc. of Greater Philadelphia & NJ.



  • Emily Bittenbender
  • Jessica Brown
  • Virginia Burke
  • Noa Denmon
  • Kathy Disque
  • Jordan Flaquer
  • Christine Howells Heaney
  • Caryn Kunkle
  • Alysia Lester
  • Stacy Li
  • Nicole Medina
  • Bridget Monaghan
  • Melita Ramos
  • Maitane Romagosa
  • Alex Schmied
  • Michelle Sparks
  • Bea Smith
  • Ana Villarreal
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