Issue No. 3

Issue No. 3


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A crash course for those just joining us: The Bridge was inspired by the intergenerational relationships between the women in my family and my goal is to replicate that relationship here for the women who aren’t so lucky to live in a matriarchy. We try to create the print version of a long, mimosa-filled brunch. This issue, we are joined by 28 amazing women (writers and illustrators) who will inform, enlighten, and inspire you.


Issue No. 3 features 20 original articles written by everyday women. In this issue, we cover body dysmorphia, what it means to be "grown," letting go of toxic friendships, what it's like to up and move to get the gist. We cover a lot. 


The 6x9 perfect bound book includes 110 pages and you'll enjoy every last one. 


25% of all proceeds go to Girls Inc. of Greater Philadelphia & NJ.



  • Akico
  • Illkya Acosta

  • Marian Bailey

  • Julia Barnes

  • Abigail Blaine

  • Virginia Burke

  • Gina Capasso

  • Zoe Darazsdi

  • Julia Davis

  • Kathy Disque

  • Anna Gibbs

  • Julia Hayman

  • Jossalyn Holbert

  • Tyra Jamison

  • Sophie Lane

  • Britton & Laila Morin

  • Jen Mundy

  • Trenae Nuri

  • Joanne Phillips

  • Patricia Puentes

  • Christina Rosso

  • Juliana Roth

  • Kelly Sage

  • Corby Smith

  • Jen Stewart

  • Jasmine Summers

  • Jordan Witt

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